Monday, December 28, 2009

Grammy-cakes' Christmas Present

Each year, my mom's family all goes over to my grandma's (Grammy-cakes as I more often call her) for Christmas dinner. She is a fabulous cook. She is so good in fact that she spend a lot of her time catering. She is quite renowned for a lot of things, actually. Like cinnamon rolls. And eclairs. And scones. And lots of other things. Anyway, after dinner, we open gifts. Last year, I watched as all the grand-kids openned their piles of gifts. All she handed me was an envelope. I was a little bit confused but she didn't let me open it until all the gift openning was done. I have a really hard time waiting to open things that are addressed to me, so it was a chore to wait, let me tell you. Well, I opened the card (which was what my mom and two aunts also received) and inside was an invitation to join her at 6:00 a.m. for the Macy's day after Christmas sale and for breakfast! I felt like a snot because I was the only grandkid that got invited to go, but that wasn't going to stop me from going! It was such a fun morning. Not only were there absolutely fabulous sales, but I got to go shopping with my grandma, my mom, and my aunts. They can be so crazy! I have never seen three women shopping so furiously in my life!
This year, we got the same invitation, except my sister and cousin got to come. That made it even more fun! Alana wandered around with only a pair of shorts for the first hour. I hadn't really noticed because I had turned crazy like my mom and aunts. But then I went around and helped her get all caught up, mostly because she liked a lot of what I got so I just ran back and got some for her. It was such a fun morning. I felt kind of bad for the sales associates because she had to call for back-up and it still took forever to ring everything up. The aunts still went crazy, though my mom seemed to reign things in this year. But I guess it's not hard to be going nuts wehn evrything you like is only $5! I love Macy's!

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Annalisa said...

that sounds like so much fun! What a great little tradition! I just love your cute grandma!