Thursday, February 23, 2012


So, over the next few weeks, I’m moving. I really hate moving because it’s like, where the heck did all this crap come from? I don’t even know. 

Anyway, so my job has been freaking awesome lately. We are to the point on this house where I get to go  buy stuff for it. I know, lots of people are jealous. I love the days when I get to just go out shopping. All day. That’s right. Anyway, so I was out buying vintage hats yesterday, so I was hitting up a bunch consignment stores. Um, those are awesome. Anyway, so as I was searching for hats, I saw some pewter bowls. For about 1/3 the price of what they are sold at my go-to pewter store. Guys. Seriously. So I was thinking, I won’t be able to go to my mother’s hutch and use all her dishes anymore. So I bought them. Because I need them. And now I realize where all this crap comes from.