Friday, September 24, 2010

A Real Life Adventure

To preface this, my older sister has the most adventurous life. She's been to Morrocco and ridden camels. Worked in Athens during the Grecian Olympics. Worked at the Edinburgh festival. Gone to small New Year's gatherings with Hugh Jackman. Yes, she leads a glamorous life. So when the opportunity to sail to France with some hottie Frenchmen on a 44 foot sail boat, of course she took it. LIttle did she know it was a little more adventure than she bargained for! This is the email I received from my Linda-mom yesterday describing what happened.

"Before you read ahead, the good news is that Marilyn is safe.

She's had an adventure. I got a call at midnight, two weeks sooner than I expected to hear from her, so I knew something was wrong. She was on a satellite phone and could only talk for about 30 seconds, just long enough to give me some sketchy details. Their ship, the one she assured me was ' tight like unto a dish,' got in the path of a hurricane and either sank or was sinking. They set off a flare and were rescued by a Portuguese fishing boat. Most of my information came later when John called the Nova Scotia coast guard. The Portuguese boat is the 74-meter France Mort or something like that, but if so, the name is hilariously ironic, meaning the death of France and Marilyn's poor little French friend's sailboat. They were ploughing through 20 foot seas, which is pretty high for a 44-foot boat. High winds, rough seas, and hurricane season were just too much for them, and the sailboat was taking on water. The coast guard isn't going to meet up with the fishing boat for several days, and at that point they'll take her back to Nova Scotia. So we probably won't hear from her for another week when she gets to land. "

Can you believe that? Pretty crazy things. But my sister can add "surviving the sinking of a ship in the Atlantic" to her list of amazing life experiences.

This is so much more than she bargained for -- a daring midnight rescue at sea and a glimpse of life on a foreign fishing boat. I'm just glad I didn't ever watch " A Perfect Storm." Stay tuned for more details as they become available -- Linda/Mom

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Movie Men

Okay, so I have been watching a lot of older movies and have realized that I have a crush on a lot of actors from back in the day. Holy cow. And now they are pretty old but are still pretty attractive for their age. That’s not to say that there aren’t any attractive men these days, because there are (Can you say Cory Monteith from Glee?! Whoa baby). And these aren't including the classics like Carey Grant, Elvis, James Dean and Paul Newman types. But a little later. Except Jeff Richards...

Here are a few that I was thinking about in no particular order:

Harrison Ford: Indiana Jones era. I mean, just look at him. I love his scruff. He's an archeologist AND a man's man.

Tom Skerrit. I saw him in Parent Trap 2. I know, way cheesy and I can’t believe I admitted to watching it, but I was curious… I couldn't find a picture of him when he was younger, but still, he was pretty attractive in his middle age.

Val Kilmer: Top Gun. Wow. Ignore his sweaty body and he still has a great face. He has a had a rougher aging process, but there is no denying he was a hottie.

Jeff Richards (Benjamin Pontipee from the 1954 version of 7 Brides for 7 Brothers). I really think he was the best looking of the brothers. I am so jealous of Dorkus. Even with a weirdo name she got a hunk of a man.

Dennis Quaid: 1979. This is from the movie Breaking Away. The group I went to Mexico with got mesmerized at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant and this is what was playing on the big screen. Call me crazy, but he really did have great hair, though the late 70's took their toll on it...

Tom Selleck: Yeah. Just look at him. He is just the epitome of a man's man. He's got great hair and gorgeous eyes. And he played a guy named Quigley. Who lived down under.

So that's what I was thinking. All out men. I'm sure there are more on the list. Feel free to add your two cents :)