Friday, April 9, 2010

Chicago 5 of 6: Museum and more Museum

I know I have said this about all the days, but Saturday was so much fun. I woke up to the sound of rain and a train outside my window and the blossoms exploding on the trees. It was lovely. I think we just had cereal for breakfast and got ready for the day. We were going to take the train down town. Then we walked outside with the stroller and got everything all situated. Addie’s pants were soaked through by the time we decided it was a bad idea and we decided to drive. Even though I really love riding trains, I was so glad we decided to drive. I didn’t bring waterproof shoes and I hate having wet feet.
We had picked up a free admission into the National Hellenic museum. I was totally excited to go. I have wanted to go to Greece since 6th grade. We did a big unit on it and dressed in togas and everything. We found free parking which was awesome because we ended up paying $23 to park to see the play… Anyway, we got soaked on the way to museum. We rang the door bell and they buzzed us in. I thought it was kind of weird that we had to go to the fourth floor. I mean, if this is a NATIONAL museum, I was thinking it would at least be its own building. I had visions of ancient artifacts and lots of cool things to read about ancient Greece. Well, my imagination ran away with me and left me in the dust. It turned out to be a bunch of modern art (of which I am not a fan) by Greeks. It had a little bit of historical information dating as far back as 1974 when there was the women’s walk in Cyprus. Addie had fun running around and there was no way of losing her because we could hear her from every part of the small office space turned museum. It was still pouring after the forty minutes we spent in there, though I can hardly believe we were there that long: there was nothing really to see.

This one totally cracks me up. That is a statue of Dedalus after his wax wings melt when he flies too closely to the sun. Oh, and Addie eith pulling him down or pushing him up... I love her little crooked smile. And I am a weirdo.
We decided to get some Greek food and wait out the weather. We went to a little place called Greek Islands. It was so cute! When we were seated the BFF said she felt like we were in Mamma Mia. And we totally did! It was so cute with great ambiance. Well, I forgot that Annalisa doesn’t like lamb (she has had multiple bad experiences, which is too bad because lamb can be really good) and that is mostly in every dish that was on the menu. She found a chicken gyro and ordered it, but the waiter said that they were out of it. What luck! So she got a chicken kabob. I got a combination plate so I could have lots of different things. I loved it - Annalisa – not so much. But she was a good sport for going with me. I just love Greek food.
It stopped raining and since that museum had been a bust, we decided to go to the Field Museum. AWESOME. It was absolutely enormous! I love going to museums. I love that there is so much to see and read and learn about. And this museum was humungous. We made it to only three exhibits and there were lots more! We didn’t even go upstairs. They have the largest t-rex skeleton. Her name is Sue.

We first went to the Ancient American exhibit. I love that kind of stuff. I went to Chichen Itza when I was 12 and I fell in love with those ancient ruins. So that was a cool exhibit.

Then we went to the animal exhibit. They had practically every animal known to man, and unknown to me. Addie had so much fun when we finally let her out of her stroller. It was just so busy that she could get lost so easily. It was so fun to watch her get so excited about all the animals.
Rhino bum

Belle and I are mammals
Then we went to the Egyptian exhibit. I have wanted to go to Egypt since I was in 6th grade. Yep, we did a big unit on it too. It was crammed with people but we got to see some mummies and some other things. And we got to lie down like mummies too, which Addie liked. Annalisa abstained. But not me, somehow, I still think I am just a little kid sometimes.

We drove home and had thin crust barbecue Hawaiian pizza from Aurelio’s. Ok, I was a bit skeptical at first, but holy moly was it awesome. I highly recommend it. Greg got home from Priesthood session and we watched Stardust. They had never seen it before and it is one of my favorites. They loved it which was a relief. I always hate that I recommend things so highly because there is always a chance that people will hate it. But seriously, it’s so funny and romantic. It was fun to be able to hang out with Gregamous a little more too. Then we hit the sack. It was way too late.


Susie Stout said...

I'm kinda loving these posts, I'm learning a lot about you and we actually have a lot in common. In my head I started planning our trip to Europe where we bummed off my exchange students and I took you to the Louvre and the Vatican and other marvelous places (I dream of taking Daniel too) anywho now that I know you love the greeks like me you definitely need to read the Lightning theif. Blah Blah Blah I could comment all day because I kinda miss you.

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