Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have become friends with my mission companion's little sister. She has Asperger’s syndrome which is a high functioning autism. She is very choosy about who she likes, but she L-O-V-E-S me. Her parents came to town last year and went to the family history library so she and I got to hang out for the day. That’s when she got my number. And that’s when I started getting the most hilarious texts from her. She thinks I am a complete dolt. And she loves it. Here’s a sample:
X: Hey, what are you doing? (This is how they all start)
Me: Oh, just cleaning my car. What’s up?
X: Guess what kind of pet I got?
Me: A snake?
X: No, it’s a bird. Just a hint.
Me: A bald eagle?
X: No, that would be illegal. Think smaller.
Me: A hummingbird?
X: No, think bigger. It’s like a quail. What does a quail do when it eats?
Me: Poop on the floor?
X: No, it scratches. What other animal scratches? It starts with ch.
Me: A chicken!
X: Yep. Guess what we named it?
Me: Little Red?
X: Nope. Peeps:
Me: Oh, well that’s cute!
X: Of course it’s cute. I’m potty training it.
Me: That must be fun. And you got her just in time for Easter.
X: I’ll get you for that!
Me: For what?
X: You said I should eat my chicken for Easter dinner!
I don’t know where she came up with that last part, but she just cracks me up. But just for the record, if I was going to have a pet, I would have a bald eagle.


Alana Nelson said...

this is a great post. im glad i got to hear your version of her voice inflections... it made it all the more better. much mo betta

annalisa said...

well now i wanna hear the voice inflections!! Man you have got some awesome stories!!!