Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Last night I was hanging with Gram. She has been cracking me up. She recognized me when I first walked in but then someone left and I moved to the chair and this was our conversation:

Gram: “What is your name?”

Me: “Amanda”

Gram: “Elaina?”

Me: “Sure. I’m Elaina”

Gram: “Now, do you go to school?”

Me: “No, I have been done with school for a few years.”

Gram: “Did you graduate from the University of Utah?”

Me: “No, I went to BYU.”

Gram: “What did you study?”

Me: “I got my degree in Linguisitcs.”

Gram: “That’s VERY interesting! I have a granddaughter who got her degree in Linguistics from BYU as 

Me: I thought I would have a little fun. “She must be pretty great.”

Gram: “Yes. She is really great. But….”

Me: What?! There’s a “but?!?”

Gram: “But she hasn’t found anyone to live with. It’s going to take a very VERY long time.”

She seriously is a crack up. I sure love her. But I hope it doesn’t take that long.


Alana said...

Keep it up, love love it

Kate and Blake plus 3 said...

Love it! Not the long time part...the you being great part of course.

Jenna Anderson said...

Haha, that is so funny! We sure wish we could be there to spend more time with her.