Monday, January 11, 2010

Playing Mom

My parents are out of town. They get a free trip every year with their supply company. I wish I was with them in sunny Cancun. But I'm not. I'm stuck in the most polluted city in the US. It's true. Salt Lake City was ranked number one today for the worst air quality. At least that is what people are saying on facebook. Ha ha. Anyway, every time they leave town, I get to watch the kids that still live at home. It's always a party. It's always a lot of fun. It's also exhausting. I mean they get up at, like, 6:30! That is a bit early, I say. But I love doing it because we get to spend some quality time together and make some pretty great memories. Take this weekend for instance. We planned to go to see Princess and the Frog. We bought lots of treats and loaded our purses. We finally found a parking spot and, lo and behold, it had sold out. Not happy, Bob. Luckily, I brought over some movies I wanted them to see. One in particular. Newsies. Best boy musical ever. Emma and Rachel wanted to watch Prince Caspian but since I was the boss, I won and we watched Newsies. The next night, Mason wanted to watch it too and the girls were all over that. There are cute boys in the movie, you know. Now I can't go five minutes without hearing a song or a quote from it. And it makes me laugh. We are also going to have our traditional "dance party when the parents are out of town." It's usually pretty spontaneous. But as long as Rachel hasn't read this post yet, that's what we'll do.

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Susie Stout said...

you sound like the best mom ever... can you come be my mommy, take me to a movie and dance with me? I promise I'll sleep in like a good little girl, Addy on the other hand might not be so nice.