Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chicken Soup for the Deadbeat Magnet's Soul: Installment 1

My friend and I are into these "scenarios." They may or may not have happened in real life. I send her these "scenarios" throughout the day. After I gave her a few doses, she said that I should write a book entitled "Chicken Soup for the Deadbeat's Soul." There will be a few installments. Book: yea or nay? :)

Imagine you are 18.
Your dad owns a roofing company.
His workers are a bit shady.
He needs something from the house, so he asks you to run it down to him. He's desperate.
You say, “sure thing dad, be down in a jiff”
It's around lunch time, your brothers are working along with your dad.
You hang with them for a bit and are having a good time.
The workers are starting to break for lunch.
Creepy long haired long time worker comes over and says, "Hey, want to go for some lunch? We're going to the shelter. It's free."


Steve and Alana Nelson said...

oh my gosh. do it. i sure miss that mullet man donny.....

Susie Stout said...

hahaha in front of the whole fam?????? Did your dad say something? Hypothetically of course.

Lauren Kay said...

Oh my goodness that's so funny! And totally awkward. Haha! Awesome.

Laura said...

HAHAHAHAHA this is SO funny amanda!!! how do you come up with these???
(is that good enough for ya?) haha jk i love you