Thursday, March 3, 2011

CSFTDBMS: Installment 2

Today, I want you to imagine you are working for a developing company that builds custom homes.
You deal with subcontractors all day long. You are just nice and pleasant with them because that's the way things should be.
Imagine that one of them who does, say, masonry comes in a lot.
He calls and is very nice. Starting to be overly nice.
You aren't concerned though because his wife comes in all the time too. You know he is absolutely married.
And she is awesome.
Well, imagine he comes in one day and asks why you aren't married and you tell him, oh I don't know, whatever you want.
Then he proceeds to tell you that he just doesn't understand and that he will leave his wife for you.
You tell him he is crazy
He responds with "Crazy for you."
Later that day, he calls and you are uncomfortable because he is a creep.
You ask him to hold.
He says, "I will wait forever for you."
You tell your boss.
He tells him he doesn't have any more masonry work left to do.
He doesn't call for a long time
Your company starts a new house, and he starts coming around again. Great.


Alana Nelson said...

hahahahahha hes back!!!!

Kate, Blake, Em and Noah said...

Hee hee. Seriously who is it? One time Fransisco's kid stayed there all day then asked me if I was his mommy. Um no sorry kid.
Wait is it Blake? Seriously is it Blake?

Josh and Anna said...

Maybe you should tell him you're mormon and you're open to being "the sister wife" if he's up for it..that should scare him off:)

Annalisa said...

I love Katie's comment. So funny.