Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today is my sister's birthday. She would be turning 25. It is so weird to think about how fast time goes by and how much has happened since she passed away nine and a half years ago. Sometimes I wonder what she would be like and the kinds of things she would have accomplished by now. Would she have graduated from BYU? Would she have served a mission? Would she be married?

Anna and I were 13 1/2 months apart. Ever heard of same sex sibling syndrome? Yep. We definitely experienced that. Although we were always in competition with one another, we were eachother's champions. She was my best friend who I had to protect. We would walk home from school together and she would sing me the songs she was learning in choir. We would talk about the boys in her class that she liked. It was always kind of weird for me to see them walking around campus at BYU years later. We shared a room for years and spent a lot of hours laughing and talking. We went to camp together. We got SCUBA certified together. We drove my mom crazy and picked on poor little Alana. She would write me notes telling me things she couldn't say. We tried to compose songs together. We babysat our little sisters and brother all the time. We went to stake dances. We went to Young Women's together. We did the little girls' hair for school and church. We fought a lot but we loved eachother. We grew up together.

It's kind of funny. In my family, it seems that we celebrate Anna's birthday more than anyone else's. We do something bigger and make sure that everyone who is able can come. It is a time we celebrate the life of our sister we loved so well. Her short life has brought my family so much closer than we ever thought possible. I suppose that is her gift to us.


Jenny and Al said...

Happy Birthday to Anna. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I'm sorry that Alan has to work super late tonight and that we can't come to the get-together. We will miss you all.

Steve and Alana Nelson said...

Freak. I cant believe how much i miss her. yeah- she used to pick on me with you- but when she got older- we would walk home from school together, and she would sing to me too the songs that she was learning. thanks for bringing back the memories.

Annalisa said...

I feel ya friend. The big party is february 26th @ our house.I love reading your little bloggy. you always make me emotional though. stop that.