Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Journal Entry

I have been going through my journals. They crack me up. This is one entry I found.

14 August 2008

So, Alana went with Steve and his family to Mexico for the week. I miss her a lot! I guess she asked Laura to take care of me while she was gone and Laura has slept over twice this week and checked up on me everyday. What a sweetheart! She splits my sides half the time and it has been good to spend time with her before school starts. I almost die laughing everytime we drive anywhere. Somehow, she usually ends up driving wherever we go. She is one of the jumpiest people I know (almost as bad as me!), so I like to take advantage of that. I usually will look around to make sure no one is around and then I'll scream. Oh my gosh her eyes go so wide with surprise, she jumps in her seat, and she has the most hilarious surprise scream! It's one of my favorite things in life. She also, for some reason, will press on the gas when she sees people with their brake lights on. That one I don't understand, but it's hilarious just the same. I keep waking up in the middle of the night and last night, she kept pulling my hair. She has done that since she was a baby, but now that she's older, it hurts a bit more! She used to say that her fingers were "hungry." Ha ha.


Steve and Alana Nelson said...

hahahha. its a good thing she doesnt share a bed with her roommates.... i love your journal. can i have it when you pass on?

Laura said...

oh my gosh!! i love this! i totally remember that week too. we are too funny!! i think that's the time when you referred to me walking around your apartment as "an elephant stomping around".

Laura said...

hahaha i love this! i remember that week too. it was a blast. we are so funny! i think that was the time you referred to me walking around your apartment as "an elephant stomping around". that was also the reign of three fugitives. I miss those days!!