Monday, September 21, 2009

I love you Dierks Bentley!

Saturday, I again realized that brothers plus sisters plus concerts equals awesome. Laura and a pink cowboy-hatted Rachel (complete with tiara) met Alana, Steve and me at my mom’s house. I wish I had a pink cowboy hat with a tiara. But I don’t. We drove out to Usana Amphitheater at 6:00 for a 7:00 Brad Paisley concert. Jimmy Wayne and Dierks Bentley were the openers. Alana was in charge of the tickets. She started passing them out and realized that, hey! It doesn’t start till 7:30! Little stinker. But that was ok. We love concerts. We parked and sauntered over to the ticket line to buy Laura her ticket, while Alana made her way to 101.9 the Eagle.
There are perks to being the best friend of the luckiest girl in the world. This girl somehow wins everything. I, on the other hand, have only ever won an Olympic pin from a drawing at my high school all night graduation party. And that was how many years ago?! So she walked up to Keith Stubbs and said “Hey! I know you! You’re Keith Stubbs! I love 101.9 The Eagle, I listen to you guys all the time! You gave me a love sack five years ago. (Yes, one of the lucky little punk’s many wins). I wanna spin the wheel.” Then Keith said, “Really? Do you like Dierks Bentley? You wanna meet him?” He then proceeded to hand her two back stage passes to meet Dierks Bentley. Meanwhile, unlucky little I was standing in the ticket line with people shoving past me. Nice.
I suddenly saw a little bouncy ball full of energy waving something in my face. “I’m going to meet Dierks Bentley! I’m going to meet Dierks Bentley!” I decided right then and there that ticket lines are not lucky. And it was because of lucky Alana that we got there early enough to even see any sign of back stage passes. Steve, the great man that he is, handed me his back stage pass. I love him. And yes, I know he is a married man. I tried to get Alana to calm down a little so I could find out what we were supposed to do. She was a bit star struck. You see, we have been obsessing over this man for the past week and a half in preparation for this concert. He is one sexy beast. And no, I am not married, so I can say that.
We skipped, ok ok, we didn’t skip, but we bounced our way down to the back stage pass fence. It was surprisingly ir-glamorous which means not glamorous (My friends and I like to play with prefixes – you know who you are). We had to wait for a while for the big gate to swing open, so we discussed what we were going to do when we saw him. I just stood there open mouthed where Alana was going to run up and just kiss him. I bet she would have if his hair was short, but it was long and curly. We felt special with our back stage pass stickers anyway.
To tell you the truth, I felt like a paparazzo with my little camera. I mean there I was with a bunch other people waiting in line to meet the guy, and how much do these guys really want to met? I feel bad for the suckers. Everywhere they go people are falling all over them and saying crazy things. It’s like they are subjected to a circus of crazies, on purpose. So I just walked right up to meet him and tried not to be one of the crazies. This was the encounter:
“Hi. I’m Dierks (as he extended his hand).” He pulled me in for the picture.
“I’m Amanda,” said a little demurely. I mean, he is pretty famous. And good looking, even if he is a little skinny. Dang, Gina.
“Nice to meet you.” Cheese.
“Nice to meet you too.” I reached for my camera and then,
“I really like that shirt, it’s really nice.” I had to wipe the spit from my eyes. Even famous people can be sprinklers.
“Thanks,” I said as I got ready to take a picture of Alana, that darn lucky girl. She walked up to him. “I love you!” She didn’t try too hard not to be a crazy.
“Well, thanks.”
I took the picture while the fan suppressant lady started coming toward me to shoo me away. I came closer to get Alana and then (!!)
“You have a nice show,” as he touched my elbow, yes he touched my elbow! I said I most definitely would.
Alana and I twitted and giggled off on our merry little way. Then I realized that I hadn’t picked up my purse and jacket so we had to walk back and get it. When you meet famous people, you kinda lose your head. Then we found out that only 25 people got those particular back stage passes. We felt really lucky. And in star-struck love. When he performed, after every song, both Alana and I screamed “I love you Dierks Bentley!” Because, you see, we’re not on a first name basis yet. And he’s famous: he goes by both first and last names. Maybe one day I will be famous and be able to just call him Dierks.
Yep. He put his arm around me. And he liked my shirt.
Never take a picture while laying down, but here is one with most of my awesome peeps I was with.
This one has Steve but not Spence. I have the coolest family.


Steve and Alana Nelson said...

I would like to say, Yes that was an amazing experience, Dierks totally wants you.... but thanks to cha cha,sadly he is married and has a lil tyke. No we should never take pictures while laying down. Yes we have the coolest family. Yes Dierks is too skinny. Yes he needs to be fed some corn bread and chicken. No you should never wash your cheek that he Sprinkled on. Yes i was a little crazy when i met him, do i care? no

Josh and Anna said...

I still can't believe you guys got to meet him, I freaking love Dierks! What a great concert!It was so fun seeing you guys there:)

Annalisa said...

You crack me up lady! I love that you are blogging now! I need a good Amandas story every Now and then (daily please). I am also so glad you found something productive to do with your time @ work! :O)

You could marry Dierks. Then I would call him sugar bums.

Amanda said...

Haha... yes... productive...

Annalisa said...

Or should I say Ir-Productive? bwa ha....