Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus

Imagine you are at a Salt Lake Bees game last night. You end up sitting by a boy who has some developmental problems. He’s hilarious. He keeps screaming, “Getcher head in the game!” and “Come on!” He knows more about the sport than you do.

He has a habit of telling every girl he talks to that she looks like Hannah Montana if she is blonde. Or she looks like Miley Cyrus if she is brunette. 

You are a brunette, so he tells you that you would have the best of both worlds if you had a blonde wig, because then you could look like them both. 

You don’t really like Miley Cyrus. She is a little crazy these days. So you tell him that you don’t look like her at all. You just look like yourself. 

He responds, “You are right. You look just like yourself. And you have the right to remain FOXY!”


Josh and Anna said...

You make these stories up, right? I'm not sure how one person meets so many, um, characters in her lifetime:)

And Amanda, you DO have the right to remain FOXY:) Hahaha, that is probably the best pick up line I've heard in a loooong time!

Cristi said...

haha! you are foxy! :)

Joe and Renee Williams said...

That kid is awesome!!

annalisa said...

I shall now refer to you as Foxy Lady.

Kate, Blake, Em and Noah said...

He's right about the foxy part though :). Also may I just say that everytime I drive by a certain foothill village or any sort of character dancing on the street I get a happy place in my heart thinking about you and the dancing bananas.