Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shopping carts

Imagine that went to Target the other night with your little brother to get the 5th season of Psych. You just LOVE Psych. While you’re driving, he asks if there is a lot of dirt in the air. 

You haven’t noticed but then you see a huge dust devil cross the street in front of you. There isn’t even a crosswalk! Yes, there is a lot of dirt in the air. And then you notice just how windy it is. It’s a dang hurricane, practically! 

You turn in on Target street and see some poor sucker pulled over by a copper. You feel kinda bad for the po po for a split second because leaves are flyin around hitting him in the head and big, fat raindrops are pelting his blues (which is short for blue uniform) but then you think he is a real schmuck for pulling that sucker over.

You pull into the parking lot, just by Café Rio, when you see a man who appears to be in his mid-fifties with his arms loaded down with several Target bags staring in horror as his cart starts rolling away from him. 

You stop short to see what will unfold. The wind rockets his cart past the stop sign and into the street. It’s on course to hit the curb when suddenly, for no reason at all, it makes a 45 degree turn and heads straight for the car that was pulled over. 

The poor man who lost his cart widens his eyes to the size of dinner plates. 

You and your brother stare in silence as the cart crashes right into the poor sucker’s car and bounces away and onto its side. And then you lose it. 

You turn back to the bag-laden man. He lifts his shoulders in disbelief and can’t stop staring. 

You still can’t drive and tears are streaming down your face. It’s just too much like a movie! 

The bag man lets his bags drop to his sides and turns back to his car. There’s nothing for him to do now but leave.


Paul and Court said...

oh my goodness! that's crazy!

Josh and Anna said...

Poor guy! First he gets pulled over, then he gets smashed by a runaway cart. What are the chances?They really could make a movie about this poor guys terrible horrible no good very bad day:(

PS- I would have laughed my guts out too:)

Kate, Blake, Em and Noah said...

"you" know Psych is like the awesomest show on TV. Can't wait for new season. I have a semi-secret crush on shawn, only I pretend he's 6 foot 2 :)

Ben said...

I just laughed so hard i cried with you. The wind could've at least had the decency to blow the cart into the copper though. Instead: life 2, schmuck 0.

Unless that schmuck was actually that guy who darts, weaves, and cuts you off in tight traffic only to get 1 car length in front. Then it was just Gods vengeance coming down for a small moment. God 2, jerk-face driver 0.

Unless your Hindu. Then it was karma 2, poo poo face 0.