Thursday, February 4, 2010


Meet Beyonce. She is a total Babe. Sometimes I like to refer to her as "Sasha Fierce," but only when she is particularly sassy. Beyonce/Sasha is, for right now, the love of my life. I love her color, I love that she is pretty new, and I like that I bought her myself.
She came into my life last June. I had been wanting to buy a car for a while. My little college car, the white 2002 Chevy Prizm had served me well. But it was my college car. It had a crazy bent up fender on the front passenger side and a funky black bumper. I felt like at 25 I should buy myself something nice. So I was looking into the Scion Tc, a VW Jetta, and a Mazda 3. I wasn't planning on buying it for a little while longer, but after my bf dumped me the night before my little brother's wedding, I felt like I needed something to care about. And something that made me feel cute. So ten days later I walked off the lot with this sexy little thing. And, as a side note, anyone who says money can't buy happiness, never bought a snazzy new car after a break up!
Well, anyway, on January 19, I walked out to the Babe and saw a huge branch lying next to it. Then I reached for the handle and to my horror, there was a huge dent mangling her sleek lines! She needed surgery, so I took her in for some estimates. Turns out there was a lot of damage (over $700!) So I filed a claim and now my baby is as good as new.
What did I drive while Beyonce was under the knife, you ask? Well, my boss has an old Mercedes and told me to take it for the night. I have the best boss. And man, that Benz has some pick up on it! Such a nice ride. One day, I will have something with more than a 4 cylinder engine. But for now, I am so happy in love with Beyonce. She is the best. Ever.


Steve and Alana Nelson said...

i sure love B too. shes a-mazhing

Annalisa said...

You are so funny. I really like this here car of yours. Its even cuter than I imagined!

Josh and Anna said...

I love that you named her Beyonce:)