Friday, February 19, 2010

Hurricane: Pronounced "her-ih-cun"

This last weekend we went down to the old homestead. And by old homestead, I mean my dad's hometown in Southern Utah. Not like everyone who reads my blog has never heard of it, I mean, it's like my favorite place in the world. Anyway, we had a ball. My cousin Bryce got home from his mission so that was a great excuse for us to head on down. We went out to the "Flat" and saw some of my uncle's animals. He and his sons are really the only ones left that do any farming. And they love it.
Here are some of the cows. I just think cows are so cute. Just look at them! And they don't smell nearly as badly as pigs or chickens. Now those are animals that can put out a stench.
This is Uncle Wynn's turkey named Obama. I don't really know why he is called that. Maybe because he is brown? He is vicious though, apparently. He chases ya around. And being chased by a giant turkey is never fun.

We did a little shooting. I was super excited to bring my Red Ryder down, but since I was rushed getting out of town, I forgot him. Sad sad day. But I got to shoot the .22 anyway. And I keept hitting the target. Then my cousin's hub who is big into hunting said I had good shooting form. Yeah, my head got a little bigger

Jordy's birthday is on Valentime's day but we celebrated it the night before. Mostly because Sunday was for Bryce's homecoming glory, at least that is what I am thinking anyway. Which, I didn't get a picture of. I'm not great about photo documentation... But I love the kid. Fresh off the mish kids are the best. And he did a fantastic job. Oh to be recently returned once again rather than almost expired!

We also did some ball tag on the four wheelers and Bryce was on his little motorcycle. We had a blast!
Thanks to all the Hurricane-ites who made it such a great time!


Steve and Alana Nelson said...

you crack me up= i love valentimes day. you shoulda mentioned getting knocked in the head by mason and how it put you out for the rest of the game. and bryces ball in the mouth- he seriously looked like lloyd christmas tryin to get people while he was "it" on the motorcycle. cmon details details woman.

SUSIE E. STOUT said...

What happened to you dream boat post... is it cause someone actually knew him? Aren't you proud I commented twice this week.

Paul and Court said...

cows.... cute??? haha.

Shawna said...

What a great weekend. I love the Ol' homestead :) Also- i tried to get a pick of Bryce but to no avail- he looked HILarious