Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Twi-Lite: I Was a Teenage Vampire

I had a very busy weekend. For my lil' sister's birthday, I decided that I wanted to take her to the Desert Star Theater in Murray. Her birthday was two weeks ago. That's how on top of things I am... Anyway, they do parodies on different things and seeing as she is Team Edward, I thought she might enjoy this one. Our flight left Viva Las Vegas at 8:30 so I got tickets for the 11:30 show thinking we would have plenty of time to get there. Being the forgetful girl I sometimes am, I forgot about the hour time difference and that our flight wouldn't land until 10:45. We were supposed to be at the theater at 11:00. So I raced home, changed my clothes, and raced off to the theater. We got there just in time. And it was just delightful! We were laughing so hard and it was just fun to hang out with Rumblina. She is such a sweetheart and I love spending time with her one on one. But I hope I have learned my lesson on over booking myself as a result of this last weekend. Because that wasn't my only overextension of myself.

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Steve and Alana Nelson said...

i love how you keep saying viva las vegas... you crack me up. i think we need to go to desert star as a family.