Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Yesterday, we laid to rest our cat, Allie. She was over eighteen years old. Anyone who knows me, knows I DO NOT like animals. Especially cats. But this one was different. She is the only cat I ever loved. I really am sad that she is gone. She was so laid back and sweet and knew not to jump up on or rub against me. But I think she knew I loved her just the same. I just loved her from a distance. She was always really good about not scratching kids who didn't know better. She tried to teach our idiot of a cat Callie some of her humble ways, but I think she was just too old. Allie has been limping around with pretty bad arthritis for a while, and she also lost one of her pointy teeth a while ago. It was a sad sight to see. Then, over this past weekend, something happened to her and she couldn't really walk at all. So my mom decided that we better do the humane thing. So farewell Allie. Please haunt Callie the moron and remind her how to be a good cat.


Annalisa said...

Oh how sad. I don't like cats either, but I bet I would have tolerated Allie just for you. Just imagine John Cusack saying "Gee Amanda, I'm real sorry about your cat."

Josh and Anna said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your cat! Losing a pet is no fun:(