Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I just got back, well on Sunday I got back, from a whole week in Orlando. It was a blast. But I do have to say, that a whole week without my family is rough indeed. People in my past have told me that they don't really know what is really important to me. I guess I should just make it easy for them right here, right now: my family is number one. The whole week I kept thinking, "Oh this would be so much fun if the little girls were here to see it!" Or, "Oh my, Alana would die that's so funny!" Or, "My dad would just love this!" Or, "Mason would LOVE this roller coaster!" Anyway, I learned a lot about myself. I'm a big baby. And I get homesick.

I was however in the happiest place on earth... so naturally I had a really good time. I am really good at keeping myself entertained, especially when I am surrounded by tons of entertainment. I went to Disneyland my junior year of high school. I was a little underwhelmed. I wanted rollercoasters. I couldn't really understand what all the hype was over all that stuff. Well, this time, I totally got it. I love Disneyworld. I am sure I would love Disneyland. I felt like a little kid again. It made me want to come home and watch every Disney movie ever made. It really was magical!

I can't believe how much detail is in every little thing. They had a Swiss Family Robinson tree with the bamboo water chutes and everything. When you had to wait in line for a ride, it was in the theme of the ride. So, I was in a dungeon waiting for Pirates of the Carribbean and a creepy hotel for the tower of terror. The electric parade made my entire trip worth it, and Fantasmic was absolutely incredible. They had shows going all the time and things for old and young and young at heart, which, coincidentally, I am all three.

I ran into my friend's parents while at Animal kingdom (which was my favorite). Talk about a small world. (I liked that ride too - It's a Small World). The roller coasters were great and we went on a real safari. A safari! I can definitely see why people get all excited about Disneyland. One day, when I have kids, we're going.

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Annalisa said...

Yeah, Greg and I ran into friends @ Disneyworld too... on our HONEYMOON! It truly is a small world! Glad you had fun! :)