Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Great Date

I was going through my emails and I found one I wrote to my BFF over the summer. Hope you enjoy!

I just have to say that I usually really don't like first dates, but this one was highly amusing! I couldn't keep myself from laughing - the whole time.

Ok, first of all, he is really cute. Seriously. Cute. Second of all, he is stinkin dang 24. I know, I know. I went to BYU. I guess I am destined to be a cougar! Just kidding. I am seriously kidding. Anwyay, so Sheila* (my cousin) and her husband Rusty* (Grady's cousin - Grady was my date) set everything up. Sheila texted and said they were going to be a little late so I was prepared for that. They came in his car, a two door Tahoe (and yes the two doors come into play later in the story, so keep your hat on :) ) a half hour late, 6:30.

Well, for the date we were going to go down to Utah lake, have tin foil dinners, and go fishing. Well, Grady didn't have a fishing pole so we had to go to Walmart and get him one along with bait. Way to be prepared guys! So the boys were in there for like ten minutes. Well, then we had to go get wood from their work (they work together). They have a bunch of wooden crates and watching them try to break them apart was so freakin hilarious! First of all, Rusty was wearing flip flops and him trying to break the boards with his feet was just killing me as his wife was right next to him demolishing a crate with out any trouble. (They are both like 90 pounds too, so that added to the hilarity). Maybe you just had to be there. Well, half an hour later, we are done with the wood and we have to go to Grady's house to get some more stuff and when he comes out we drive away and realize that we didn't have anything to light a fire. So we stop at the gas station before getting on the freeway.

So finally by like 7:30 we are finally on our way down to Utah Lake. Home free, right? Wrong-o! We get down to Utah Valley and end up getting lost trying to find the shore... Meanwhile, 90 pound Sheila is in the back seat getting hungrier and hungrier and grumpier and grumpier. Forty five minutes later we finally make it to the shore! We jump out of the car and immediately are attacked by swarms of about a bazillion bugs! Luckily I brought a hoodie just in case. I had the hood tied up and I looked so great and was sweating like a maniac. Anyway, we got the fire built and the boys put their fishing lines in the water. I didn't want to because of all the dang bugs.

So then Sheila and I put our dinners on the fire. Sheila's and Rusty's were nice and flat, perfect for cooking on a fire. Well, Grady had made ours. They resembled a mini football. And when I say mini, I mean a huge one. It was going to take forever to cook! So here I am trying to get away from the bugs, standing as close as I can to the fire to keep the bugs at bay, in my hoodie sweating my guts out wearing a shirt underneath that is very susceptible to "tacos." Good thinking Amanda. Sheila and Rusty's dinners were done and I told her to go ahead and eat, otherwise, I don't think she would have recovered :) So Grady and I are waiting for our dinner to be done while Sheila and Rusty are sitting on their camp chairs hovered over their food so the bugs won't get into it. Well, Grady and I decided to eat in the car because I was sick of having bugs fly into my head. So he got a box and a really really thin sheet of wood and made a little table over the console of his car. Our food was FINALLY done so we grabbed it, ran to the car and opened them up. Holy cats, it smelled delicious. After I had a bite of potato, we hear Rusty yelling "Let me in! Let me in! I can't take the bugs anymore!" (Enter: the part about the two doors) The bugs were thinner on my side so I jumped out to let him in. Letting him in let in several bugs, so that was kind of annoying. I ate another bite of potato. "I hate it here! I wanna leave! We should take our stuff and eat where there are less bugs!" (That was Rusty)

So Grady and I said that we would take down camp if Rusty would hold our food. So we handed back the table with our food very precariously perched on top of it back to Rusty in the back seat. Sheila hadn't minded the bugs so much, she was still outside making sure she was getting enough to eat. So Grady and I jump out, pull in the fishing lines, and then we hear Rusty knocking on the window. "Sheila! Sheila! Come in here and help me!" Turns out, Rusty did NOT like the bugs in the car so much so he had taken off his hat and started swatting them. Well, his hat got caught on the corner of our "table" sending our food flying all over the front seat. So Sheila was a good sport and took care of that mess while Rusty was sitting in the back seat holding what was left of our food. Finally we got everything back in the truck and the fire put out. We dove into the car and took off. Well, Rusty started freaking out because he could feel the juices from our tin foil dinners dripping from what was left and onto his pants. So he yelled at Grady to pull over so he could throw it out the window because there were bugs in it anyway. So Grady finally pulls over and Rusty chucks it out, looks down, and realizes that his pants were perfectly clean. Thanks a lot!

So Grady, starving as he was, decided that we were going to go out to eat. The clock struck 10:00. So McDonald's it was! We grabbed some food, ate it at Rusty and Sheila's and he dropped me off at home. Seriously, it felt like a "Meet the Parents" kind of night.

Anyway, I know this was very detailed and you probably didn't care THAT much about it. Oh well.

*Names have been changed to protect the, ahem, innocent.


Lauren Kay said...

Things I liked about this post:

1. Referencing yourself as a cougar.
2. Tin foil dinners. Yum. Too bad you didn't get to eat them!
3. Your descriptions of Rusty. He's probably cool, but he sounded like a dweeb and it made me laugh.
4. Your descriptions of everything. I just like you.

Yay for bad date stories!

Lindsay said...

Hahahahaha! Good thing he was cute!

Jordan said...

: ) For some reason this story seems a bit familiar! jajajaja
Love you Mandy!

Annalisa said...

OH you crack me up. I remember making Greg read this!

Steve and Alana Nelson said...

oh my gosh. i want to meet rusty and sheila one day. and as for grady- hahaha you freaking crack me up sister.

Melanie said...

That was one of the funniest dating stories that I have read in along time. Taylor and I are both crying with laughter!!! this definitely beats my friends story, when we were kids. She was on the beach and if I remember it correctly she was sun tanning and some guy thought she had thrown sand at his dog when she hadn't. But to get her back he squirted baby oil on her and then kicked sand onto her. Luckily this wasn't a date but it sure is a funny story!