Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I had my brother as a captive conversationalist on Saturday on our way to a top secret photo shoot to surprise my un-surprise-able mother. My Mamo is one of those people who will tell you she likes something, like she is hinting that you should get it for her for her upcoming birthday, or Christmas, or Mother's Day, and the next thing you know, it's sitting in her front room complete with lighting and placard. She's a difficult woman to shop for. So, I decided that we kids could update the photos she has up on her wall. So, I got one of my high school besties, Lesley to take some photos of us. You can find her work here. She's fantastic, really. I really love her style. I couldn't stop laughing while we were with her, except for when she told me not to, because I am good at doing what I am told. Anyway, I thought it was a really thoughtful gift, and a good idea for you people out there who have un-surprise-able people in your life. And if you use my idea, you should use Lesley too. You will love her.

Anyway, back to the captive. We were talking about hobbies. It seems like everybody has a "thing." Like music, or photography, or skiing, or soccer, or cooking, or gaming, or Bunko, or book clubs, or myriads of other "things." We were trying to figure out what our "things" were. Turns out, we don't have one. When people ask us what we like to do, it's hard to say. We like games occasionally. We like sports events occasionally. We like hiking occasionally. But what we really love is doing things with people we love. It doesn't really matter what it is - watching basketball, doing crafts, sitting there doing nothing. Doesn't matter. We thrive on our time with people we love. That's our "thing," I guess. And it's a little weird and can be maddening for some people. But that is just who we are. I'm glad Spencer is like that. I think that is why we have gotten along so well for our whole lives. I'm glad that is something he can't really change in himself either. I wouldn't want him to change it for all the rice in China. And there is a lot of rice in China!

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Shawna said...

You know, that's really funny because lately people have been asking me what I like to do, and I can never give them a straight answer. "everything, I suppose." Turns out I like to do the same as you two. I guess it runs in the family! I