Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ice Age III

I promised my little sister I would spend Monday evening with her watching a movie. We ended up going to the sticky shoe, more commonly known as the dollar theater, to see Harry Potter VI(which I loved). Well, we waltzed into the theater and realized that it had started at 6:10 and not 7:15 as it was listed on the internet. Sad! So we went to see what else was playing. Since Ice Age was the only movie playing that was really suitable for kids, we went to that one. Worst movie ever. I think it ranks up there with Land Before Time XIV. Yeah. I think my sisters enjoyed it though, so I guess it was worth it. But don't go see it!


Kate, Blake, Em and Noah said...

Seriously it was the worst movie ever. We saw it at the drive-in and I wanted to drive over my own head so it would stop. I'm not even being dramatic.

Paul and Court said...

oh that's too bad, I had no idea you didn't get to see Harry Potter! Our movie wasn't good either; I told Paul he is no longer able to choose the movies we see, since he keeps choosing stupid ones. (haha like 9) :)

Steve and Alana Nelson said...

hahah i love the name... the sticky shoe. very fitting. from now on i will only refere to the dollar movie as the sticky shoe.