Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jordan and Miranda's Wedding

Jordan and Miranda-Jayne got married on Saturday, November 21. Talk about a gorgeous day! The weather was absolutely perfect. We had tons of family in from all over the western states. Jordan has always been one who focuses on his relationships with people. Especially family. He jsut cares so much about family.

Jordan joined me at BYU for my last semester. We had always been close, but he really became my best friend during that time. Since then, we have stayed super tight. I am so happy that he has met his sweetheart and has started his own family.

The wedding was beautiful. They were sealed in the east sealing room in the Saint George temple. He is the fourth generation to get married in that room. It was packed. There were 100 people in all. It was the coolest. Although it was squishy, it was nice to see so many people there whom I love, and with whom Jordan has kept in close contact. It was what I want heaven to be like. Jordan and MJ looked so happy. Perfectly happy.

Coming out of the temple. They looked absolutely amazing.

The parents of the newlyweds

With Jordan's family

Perfectly candid shots just tickle my funny bone. So many great things about this picture.

With my best bud Jordy-Pants.
The luncheon was delicious, the reception was beautiful, and it was a great party. Congratulations you guys!!