Friday, May 27, 2011

Update on the Snickers

So, remember the Snickers you ate yesterday? Well you go home and tell your mom that someone has been going through the fridge and eating half of her candy bars.

She looks at you and laughs.

"Where did you get it?" she asks, still giggling.

"In the fridge outside," you reply.

"Well, after the quad-stake Olympics on Saturday I went around and gathered the extra candy and snacks and that must have been in the bag."

You don't know who ate the other half of your Snickers, but that doesn't disappoint you as much as feeling like you got punked by getting a bite sized Snickers.


Susie Stout said...

GROSS... but I can't judge you. I am the person who dropped her fork on the restaurant floor and saw that the waiter was walking away so I just started using it only to see that the waiter had gone to grab me a new one and was looking at me funny when he handed it to me. I just shrugged and said "I grew up on a farm". Which obviously excuses my white trash hillbilly behavior

Alana Nelson said...

i love getting the rest of the story via blog.

annalisa said...

You goon bib.